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Jerk players in Avakin Life


Here is a list of avakin jerks, who enjoy being either passive aggressive, rude, or just plain stupid. They are a product of the very people who raised them.  What is really deeply disturbing about this, is the people that raised them, must have not cared enough to spend time with them to teach them better, thus spawning yet even more narcissists/serial provokers out in the world that will go on to emmotionally abuse and damage good people throughout their life all because their parents did not care enough to nurture them or teach them better.  


Courtesy of Ari.

This players admits he likes to troll. Umm. Pretty sure that it says in the ToS that this is a violation and also that if you are trying to provoke, harass, abuse, that is a total of 4 violations dumbass.


I feel bad for this guys parents. 


My grilfriend and I was dancing at the New Music Society when out of the blue this avakin PMs me calling me a "slut" using the letters slt. Shown below. 



So my girlfriend and I were just dancing at Sundown staying quiet and to ourselves, when this guy comes up to say he is paying me a compliment.  I guess if that is the word he uses to describe women, then we all know how he sees his mom. This was obviously a troll acount. Level 15 in six years. If it wasnt a troll account, can avakin give him a tutor on how to play the game please? Because wow! Thats dense. Level 15 in SIX years!! Over half a damn decade!!


So went to 921 Acacia drive to dive for xp. This avakin decides to be a insulting jerk to everyone.


Went to SFF to get capsules with our Coven friends. This avakin decided it was important enough for them to take the time out of their day to come up to all of us and project their bias ignorance.  They do this in order to gain attention from people which is called "narcissistic supply" in psychology. It is how a narcissist feels some form of validation about themselves because they were essentially neglected as a child and were not given this validation when they were growing up. (Here is an article that explains and supports what I said in more detail:  http://estd.org/narcissism-consequence-trauma-and-early-experiences ).


Our game daughter sent these screenshots in of an avakin who seems to not comprehend how serious sexual predatory behaviour is. So with that being said, here is the definition of "dense" followed by the screenshots of Mr. Dense himself and his profile pic.


Toxic manipulator/narcissist. Tried making our game daughter feel bad about herself in front of me. One more bad seed out in the world that will eventually wind up mentally damaging more good people. 

This other profle below is another of his alt accounts.


Beware of this avakin player! This avakin is going around the game trying to pull scams on people.


Troll with alt account most likely.  Took time out of his day just to specifically target me in my PM to boast about his little VIP badge he spent $8.00 on. I already had received my event badge from SFF before ever buying the coin package. SMH. This was clearly someone being passive agressiveness and it pains me to imagine that he is a reflection of his parents. *cringe*

July 5th, 2022

Video recorded these two trying to troll us just because we were hugging. That was all we were doing is hugging.

6/30/2022. This player literally flaunts that they use MODS in their name. Where are the sysops to see this when we need them.

6/30/2022. So, Jack decided he would only help Roman find the key in Egypt if Roman would agree to gift him something first. We helped Roman find the key for free. Poor Jack didnt like this and we posted the location where the key was located in public and then little ole Jack left the zone with his tail tucked between his legs. People like Jack are what is called opportunistic narcissists. Don't be like Jack.