Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

So this person. Who goes by Scorpio Caldonia. Claims they live in the UK. Well thats a lie. She actually resides in the United States. Florida to be specific. So thats red flag number 1.  (And when you read what she says below. She def smells like a Trump supporter.)

She has went so far as to call one of her ex clan members (that she kicked out because she wanted her ex to be more than just friends with her) businesses  to harass her and then got called out on it and then she admitted to doing it. Thats red flag number 2. Pretty psycho stalker.

Shes kicked people out of her clan if they do not bend to her will and thats red flag number 3 and a sure sign of narcissistic tendencies. Because a narcissist always wants control over others. Just read about it and you will see for yourself.

She even once tried advocating and justifing adults having relationships with minors to me on insta, because she herself got into a relationship as a minor with an adult. Thats red flag number 4. That is in my opinion sick and twisted in the fucking head. But to a pedofile like her. They dont see this as being wrong. Classic covert narcissistic pedofile who uses cognitive disonance to warp wrong behavior into right.

So in closing. This person is consumed by their own ego much like Hitler was and we all know how that ended. It's all that is important to them. So be aware.

FOE is actually is short for Phony.