Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

Users in Avakin Life



One our members ran into this guy in egypt (shown below). He tried accusing them of using mods because of the ani set they use. Our clan member told him that the ani set was sold in a bundle and right after she replied to his accusation he begins begging for gifts. This guy lacks respect when it comes to boundaries as you will see in the conversation below. Total narcissist.

I was sent a friendship request on 6/27/2022 by this avakin at Avakin High. She lies about having Leukemia as a way to prey on peoples empathy in order to coerece people into feeling sorry for her so she can get them to buy her things. Then when she does'nt get what she wants, she gets mad. This is known as an "opportunistic narcissist". One with obvious "makavelian" traits of the "dark triad" personality. People like this, use others for the sole purpose of fullfilling their own selfish desires. It's not about the friendship for them at all. It's soley based on getting what they want from others and nothing else. It is relational biases which she learned from her parents growing up that contribute to this behaviour and it is why she acts out in this way, which is a direct reflection of her parents. Regardless, this is the classic example of what everyone refers to in game as a "fake" person.  Due to her taking advantage of peoples kindness,  I decided to welcome her to "Blocky town" and when I blocked her, she decided to attack me in her hastag, (shown below). Notice how she uses manipulation in her second email (below), saying she had a bad day. This is just one of many ways a narcissists exploits a persons empathy in hopes they will feel sorry for them so they can get what they want. (Pictures shown below).

This next pic is what she use to look like when I first met her. Also, pay attention to her level and number of months she has been on avakin in her profile. I'm going to guess this is just one of possible many alt accounts. 

This was the very first time she talked to me which was 6/27/2022. Look at what she says to me in PM then pay attention to how she looks farther down in the next pic.

This next pic was taken several days after I accepted her friendship request.  She began altering her look by trying to copy mine. Again, this is how opportunistic narcissists operate. It was all about what she could get. I'm just glad others can see now how she is from these screenshots I saved. In closing this out, I have heard it said that "imitation is the highest form of flattery". So, you're welcome Rox. :)  It actually does make me happy to know that you found my looks inspiring enough to want to copy me. :) 

So in closing. My advice to everyone out there is. Do not accept friendship from anyone solely based on them paying you a compliment or giving you a sob story about having Leukemia, etc. People like that will only use it as a tool to get close to you in order to take advantage of you for their own selfish purposes. Get to know a person for a WHILE before you ever let them into your circle so you can find out about them and if they are a beggar, user or narcissist..


This guy.... πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„


Talk about someone who feels entitled. This guy is most DEF a narcissist. Does he seriously think that he can manipulate people into believing that his girlfriend wants other people to pay for his wings for a wedding present? This is such a manipulative human being.  This player is even modded because you cant even see his hashtag.



This avakin shows up at Starstyle begging or me to buy her a crown for 1999 coins. I promptly reminded her she could be banned according to the community guidelines for begging. She then poofed.


Was minding our own business when this girl decides to ask me in my pm to buy her an ani set.... smh.


It never ceases to amaze me how some people can feel so entitled to your money in the game and have the nerve to even ask for you to buy them things. Its so narcissistic. I don't even know this person and they ask me to buy them an ani set, then they go on in public to announce all the ani sets they have. SMH. Screenshots shown below.


This person decided to PM me at SSF asking me to gift them. Welcome to the users list Kim12. To those out there that want to avoid running into this avakin by blocking her like I did. If you search these characters in find you can pull up her name to block her. κ§β˜¬ΠΊΰΉ€ΰΉ“


Another beggar blocked. Here is the name to copy & paste into search in the friends search to block them.

α΅ˆβ±βΏα΅’ βΏα΅˜α΅α΅α΅‰α΅—Λ’3


Avakin begs for crowns at SSF. Screenshots below with her profile.


And yet.. Another avakin who wants to be gifted. Not sure why it is that people will not use their ownmoney or go work in the cafe to buy things theirself.

6/30/2022. This guy decided to beg for gifts instead of work like you are supposed to do.